Ammonite Shell Agreement

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The process also allows those like Jack, with permission, to gather the Ammonites on First Nations lands to sell to anyone they want. If you purchase the products, you must also receive a receipt with the authorization number on it. The ammonite shell is the fossilized shell of a molluse marine. Specimens with dazzling red and green colors are mined as semi-precious stones for jewelry making. An ammonite shell agreement grants the exclusive right to recover ammonite shells from a given location. The duration of an agreement on ammonite shell provided for in the ammonite shell regulation is 15 years and can be extended by 5 years. Organized expeditions in all areas of the ammonite exhibition in Alberta in 1993 – 1999 Every ammonite, he explains, is unique. The most valuable piece he found to date was a 28-inch ammonite of blue green, orange, and purple found on the blood supply. When Jack recovered, he felt a kind of “calling” and had what he describes as an itch to learn more about excavating, sorting and polishing ammonites. Two years ago, a certain Tom Dryden, who has been on ammonite for nearly 30 years, also taught him how to reposition shells. But it`s worth it for him. A few weeks ago, he sold his first finished piece to a buyer in Asia, and now he is receiving offers for his work from all over the world. This original customer also purchased a restored ammonite for his mother in Toronto.

Jack can find anywhere, from a single shell or pieces of a shell to a dozen or more on his excursions. He is registered at Kainai`s resource office and can officially sell the material he finds. There are only about 35 people who have received this designation. Apart from the mining company Korite International and a few other miners/licensed companies, it is illegal for others to sell or even give away ammonites that they can find. And Dryden, who has two plots with land rich in ammonites, which does not belong to Korite, says it is illegal to look for him without proper permissions and licenses. It has an agreement with the Ministry of Energy, which manages mineral and development rights in the province. Significant presences of gemstone-grade ammolite are found only in the Bearpaw Formation, which stretches from Alberta to Saskatchewan in Canada and south to Montana in the United States. However, small deposits have been found as far away as Central Utah, which also contain gem-grade ammolite. [4] The best grade ammolite content of gemstones is along the high-energy flow systems on the eastern slopes of the Rockies in southern Alberta.

Most commercial mining ventures were carried out along the banks of the St. Mary River in an area south of and between the Town of Magrath and the City of Lethbridge. About half of the ammolite deposits are in the Kainah Reserve (Kainaiawa) and its inhabitants play an important role in ammolite mining. . . .