Bc Tenancy Agreement Dispute

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5. An application under subsection 1 and 2 is made beyond the end of the lease no later than nine months after the termination comes into effect. (g) an enforcement agreement where a tenant terminates a tenancy agreement or leaves the property of apartment buildings that are not under this Act or lease, b) assists landlords and tenants in resolving disputes that may or have been referred to an arbitrator under this Act. 73 (1) A dispute over the amount of a rent increase can only be negotiated in accordance with Section 69 if the tenant is notified within 60 days of receiving notification of the rent increase in Section 24. (2) For the purposes of this part, if a period of payment of the rent exceeds one month, a notification of the end of the tenancy agreement is sufficient if it is given on the day or before the last day of a calendar month. to take effect on the last day of the next calendar month. b) a service or organization that the lessor must provide under a lease agreement or in accordance with Section 8 is not in a position to provide or provide. 35 (1) If a tenant does not pay the rent under a tenancy agreement, the landlord can communicate the tenant to the tenant every day after the rent expires no earlier than 10 days after the lease is announced. if, in good faith, he or her spouse or a child or a parent will occupy occupied accommodation by him or his spouse as part of a tenancy agreement, the lessor may notify the tenant of the end of the tenancy agreement in accordance with the subsection (7). 44 (1) A tenant may apply to a court for an order to cancel the termination of the tenancy agreement that was granted or would have been granted under that act.

4 (1) Sections 7 to 10 and 14 to 23 are considered terms of any lease. (2) A claim or a claim of guilt or damages, which was not brought before the Landgericht before 1 August 1989 and which is the result of a right or obligation under this Act or a lease agreement, cannot be filed before the Landesgericht. (e) a prepayment of rent for a month other than the first month of a tenancy agreement, 85 (1) Subject to paragraph 1 of Section 18, the Supreme Court may issue an order that respects a right or obligation under this act or lease agreement.