Muskoka Ems Collective Agreement

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A new language ensures that new employees will have time to meet with their steward and familiarize themselves with the collective agreement. Other language improvements relate to vacancy notices and steward representation. The employer also covers 100% of the costs of the bargaining committee and the pressure of collective agreements. The agreement was ratified on 9 September 2015. Other improvements include wage increases totalling 4.1% over the life of the agreement. Workers five years of age or older receive 100% payment of the compensation plan. In early 2014, members of the Muskoka Paramedics Association overwhelmingly voted to merge with Local 175. The merger agreement asked our local Union to focus on negotiations on improving pensions and benefits. Local 175 hosted an information meeting for Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) members and held a vote on whether or not they should participate in HOOPP.

The union has obtained 100% mandate from members to negotiate the defined benefit pension plan in the next collective agreement. Muskoka Paramedics were one of the few health services in Ontario that did not have a defined benefit pension plan: their plan matched unsecured contributions to the benefit they would make in retirement. Previous attempts to negotiate pension improvements have not been successful. After 11 days of negotiations and the perseverance of the Union`s negotiating committee, a new three-year settlement protocol has been concluded, which includes participation in the hoopp defined benefit pension plan. Members are expected to adhere to the plan as of February 7, 2016. “This show of solidarity from our members has enabled the Union to go to the negotiating table in a position of strength to resolve this long-standing problem,” said President Haggerty. “Our paramedics work every day to protect us all. They deserve respect and a well-deserved retirement they can count on.¬†Union Bargaining Committee: Mike Cartwright, Brad Davies, Roy Lovold, Paola Oke and Region 8 Director Chris Fuller.

From left to right: Travis Larade, Andrew Kuebler, Mike Cartwright, Chris Fuller, Roy Lovold, Jodi Armstrong, Paola Oke & Brad Davies can now use 72 hours of their paid annual sick period for family vacations, up from the 48 hours previously allowed. The weekly allowance limit is increased to $US 1,200 and the long-term disability is improving to $5,200. The $300 deductible for chiropractic has been removed. Meal allowance improves to 13 $US and workers can now file multiple receipts per day instead of the previous maximum of one. . . .