Node.js License Agreement

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Everyone is allowed to copy and distribute literal copies of this license document, but the change is not allowed. These libraries have their own licenses; We advise you to read them, as their conditions may differ from the following conditions. For more licensing information, see the LICENSE files in the subdirectories. You are always allowed to enter into agreements outside of this license directly with the copyright owner of a particular package. If the terms of this license do not allow full use of the package, you should contact the copyright owner and seek another license agreement. – antlr4 parser generator the Cpp library is in third_party/antlr4 This is the version under the BSD license. (5) You may distribute compiled standard version forms without source distribution, provided that you provide complete instructions to indicate the source of the standard version. This is based on the PCRE-7.3 trial suite, which is copyrighted by the University of Cambridge and Google, Inc. The copyright notice and the license are incorporated into regexp-pcre.js. This license defines the conditions under which a given free software may be copied, modified, distributed and/or redistributed. The intention is that the copyright owner retains some artistic control over the development of this package, while keeping the package available in open source and free software. Additional policies regarding the use of npm products and services and restrictions are available on the npm website.

All such policies and restrictions, which are updated from time to time, are included in this License Agreement. By using npm, you acknowledge your consent to all such policies and restrictions. The data published in the npm record is not part of npm itself and is the exclusive property of the publisher. Although every effort is made to ensure accountability, there are absolutely no warranties, warranties or representations, expressly or implicitly in the form of quality, fitness for a particular purpose or in the absence of malice in any particular npm package. Packages downloaded via npm registration are independent and are not covered by this license. Node.js was built on the Google V8 JavaScript engine as it was under an open source license from BSD. It dominates Internet bases like HTTP, DNS, TCP.