South Australian Rental Agreements

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There is an exception to the above-mentioned cases of domestic violence. If only one tenant is liable for the damage and if he is the subject of an intervention mandate to protect the tenant or if he is convinced that there is abuse at home, the court may find that a tenant is not liable [s 89A (11)]. Similarly, an order to repay the outstanding amount of the loan (if any) may be ordered to the tenant who is not liable for the damage [s 89A (12)]. See intervention contracts and leases. The rental commitment is paid by a tenant as a form of guarantee for the lessor in case of violation of the residential rental agreement. The amount of the deposit to be paid varies depending on the nature of the property and can be summarised as follows: the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (SA) makes it illegal to discriminate against someone on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status [see 40]; breed [s 62]; age [s 85L]; disability [see 77]; Marital or domestic couple status, identity of spouse or domestic partner, pregnancy or custody obligations [s 85ZH] while trying to obtain housing. These include renting apartments, houses or rooms, as well as staying in hotels, motels or caravan parks. For example, it would be illegal for a landlord to refuse to accept a rental request from a single pregnant woman because no man was nearby to help. Complaints may be lodged with the Equal Opportunities Commission. For more information, see Discrimination. It explains the general rights and obligations of landlords and tenants under residential rental agreements in South Australia and also mentions the names and addresses of agencies that can be contacted for more information or support. Fixed-term leases (219.9 KB PDF) are valid for a fixed period, for example. B 12 months, and include the date on which the lease ends.

The date can only be changed if the landlord and tenant agree. Since the personal data stored in these databases can have serious consequences in determining whether a person can insure rental accommodation, they are now regulated to ensure that the information is accurate and complete. Periodic lease agreements (234.7 KB PDF) do not have a date on which the lease ends. They last until either the tenant or the lessor announces in writing the termination of the lease. A periodic rental contract is valid for a recurring period without a fixed term. Many periodic lease agreements are oral agreements, but a periodic lease agreement can be written, and standard form agreements are available online on the sa Gov. . . .