Touchstone Tenancy Agreement

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Anyone who resides in the accommodation must be included in the rental agreement and be reviewed by us. If you would like to add another contract with another person, please contact us. Please also note management fees (see pricing plan). Make sure you have our written consent before new tenants arrive. 1. Caution (per rented apartment) One week`s rent. A property must be reserved here. Please note: This is withheld if a person (including one of the guarantors) withdraws from the lease, is not subject to legal review, provides substantial inaccurate or misleading information, or does not sign his lease (and/or guarantee agreement) within 15 days of the schedule (or another agreed deadline). 2.Caution security (by rental agreement. Rent less than $50,000 per year) Five weeks` rent. This covers damage or losses incurred by the tenant during the lease.

Caution (by lease). Rent of $50,000 or more per year) Six weeks` rent. This covers damage or losses incurred by the tenant during the lease. If you have other issues that are not covered by the FAQs, please send an email your rental agreement is for a specified period, so you must stay in the establishment until the expiry date. If you have to evacuate by then, you are legally responsible for the rent until the expiry date – as well as any relocation fees. We know that this is always a difficult time. Customers should continue to pay rent and comply with all other terms of their lease. Rents agreed in leases remain legally payable. The government has a large financial support package, and where you can pay the rent as usual, you should do it.

It took more than two years to repair our smoked roof. The roof allowed water to seep into one of the rooms, causing the ceiling to fill with mold. The officer I was looking after was very incompetent and useless. In fact, it was so unsy live. It was almost as if she was taking advantage of it. The roof is now repaired, but two months on the scaffolding is still outside our house, so we can not open any of the windows at the front. Once again, the same agent is not useful, I called it several times to have the scaffolding removed. Every time she has an excuse and she will call me back. Guess what… She never calls back. How is this person still used by the touchstone? The best thing is to ask for a complaint – she doesn`t know what the complaint procedure is and tells me to talk to a social counsellor.

Cambridge Property Lettings acts only for Touchstone on behalf of the owner as an introductory agent. Cambridge Property Lettings transmits candidate data to Touchstone, which handles all lease-related matters. Only guests and licensed occupants on the rental house can stay at the property. “Live” is defined by a guest who stays more than two weeks. Our partners who provide check-out and check-out services and provide information for the management of rental bonds have changed the way they operate to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Therefore, we will try to complete the administrative tasks related to all bookings and withdrawals as quickly as possible, but some of these processes may take longer than normal. The rent is due on the recommended date in your rental agreement. If you think you are having trouble paying your rent, please contact us as soon as possible. Touchstone establishes leases and all related documents, they are responsible for all matters related to the lease. 7.Early termination (tenant application) If the tenant wants to relinquish his contract prematurely, he is responsible for the landlord`s costs when the property is re-leased and all rents due until the start of the replacement rent. This cost will not be more than the maximum amount of rent pending on the rental agreement.