Ua Consortium Agreement

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Complete the FAFSA application process and the steps outlined on the Ad Hoc Consortium Agreement form. UA will contact you as soon as we have confirmed the details with the visiting institution. Federal rules do not allow students to obtain federal grants from two schools at the same time. By entering into a consortium agreement, a student can go during the same semester to the University of Arizona (UA) and another accredited school (called a “host institution”) and receive federal financial support for all units combined. This process benefits most federal grant recipients enrolled in the AU in fewer than 12 units. Consortium agreements allow ASU graduates to participate in financial aid programs while participating in ASU and another accredited university. Your financial support will first pay your ASU fees, and then you can pay for any financial aid to pay for the expenses of the other school. They must submit the official academic transcripts of the other institution to the ASU accreditation services within twenty days of the expiry of the deadline. Check the deadlines for filing the issuance schedule.

Make sure all sections of the form are completed before going to scholarships and scholarship services. ASU School of Social Work Tucson Component Students receive full support. The consortium agreement is used to request an increase in your overall enrollment at the University of Arizona by integrating transferable units to another university or university. Depending on the type of financial assistance you`ve been offered, you may not be able to use a consortium agreement.