Hackers and Scammers

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Hackers and scammers are coming up with new ways to compromise you network every day. Investing in your network security will protect the integrity and performance pace of your company.

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The simplest and most common way to get your data stolen is by a network intrusion, by just looking around online, you can find tons of information on this. Network intrusions can happen anytime and everywhere and can be used to steal your money, and anything else stored on your network. All kinds of hackers have a great interest in extracting sensitive data from your computer or network, and intrusions are no exception. We can help you protect your data so it remains safe and secure.

Cracking The Windows 7 Password

Cracking the Windows 7 password is not just a great way to get your personal data out of your system but it is also a way for a hacker to get access to your files as well. You need to make sure that the passwords you use for your computer are strong and are made by you. Windows XP and Windows Vista should have strong passwords, however, Windows 7 has not been updated to the latest features yet, and so it is up to you to ensure that the passwords you use are up to date.

We recently came across one of these groups in New Zealand that are cracking the Windows 7 password. Although these groups are not very active in terms of attack, this one is great if you are a big fan of online gaming.
Why Should You Implement Password Management?

We all know the obvious, it should be safe to use password management as your first line of security on your network. We all know that network attackers will crack it and the passwords you use on the network.

We also know that if you do not store the passwords on your network, it will be easy for hackers to find them by searching for them in network log files and have them taken down.

Password management also makes it easier to lock down your password tables and database tables so that a password is required only once and to ensure that passwords you use do not make their way onto other networks. Password management also ensures that you control your passwords so that users know the maximum possible amount of passwords to use.

If you don’t store your passwords on your network, it makes it more difficult for the attacker to create or obtain a portable network account or copy your network passwords. You should also lock your passwords to give yourself a second layer of security by restricting access to that password only.

Another reason to implement password management is that your company or organization would not only be on safer ground when it comes to protecting your data, but also provide it better security and performance to ensure your company’s business is sustainable.

On the installation screen, you will notice the task manager has a new option called “Startup”. It is here where you can make sure that Windows 7 automatically starts your applications when your computer is first turned on. This option is really handy if you are at home and running the initial setup process for your company but you need to have your desktop up and running first before you can even go home.

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