Icons- Leveraging Stock Illustrations

Project: Create custom icons for multiple multi-media purposes.

The client provided several style samples he liked and a list of icons and button colors he needed. I found a style I liked that reflected what he was looking for and then altered the design to suit his specific needs. I was able to easily draw many of the icons in  Adobe Illustrator, like the graduation cap, house, balloons, lightbulb, red cross, emergency symbol, paw print, star and heart. It was fun to draw all these … but to keep my time investment down and crank out the project quicker, I pulled the others from two collections I had purchased through iStock photo . They matched the style I had already established, so why not? The people, film strip, trophy, medal, dove and ribbon were all pulled from two different collections. I could have drawn them all myself, but didn’t have to invest any additional time in doing so because I was able to leverage these stock illustration collections and call it a day! I inserted the icons on the colored buttons I prepared in advance and voila! Happy Customer.

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