Just when you think there are no NEW spaces or places to market…a company finds an excellent use of up and down time!

We are always looking for new and unusual ways to market our businesses, products, services and organizations. Gotta be cutting edge. Must be so clever that everyone will revel in our genius and rush to purchase whatever we have to sell at whatever the price.

Remember the first time you were at the state fair and noticed the “1-800-Call-Some-Lawyer” stickers on trash cans? Or the first time you sat down to pee in a bar’s restroom and noticed the nice advertisement on the Stalltactics poster in front of you fixed on the door advertising laser hair removal? Every time I think we’ve covered every place possible, someone surprises me. Darn it…”Why didn’t I think of that?”

This might not be cutting edge or even that clever…but it sure does put good use to people’s up and down time!


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